Saturday, May 13, 2023

JLMAY Brave & the Bold #33 by the WRIGHT ON NETWORK!


Tim, Laurel and A.J. talk about this poignant celebration of a story with three of the richest characters in the DC Universe.  The Brave & the Bold #33 displays a range of emotion, storytelling and scope of 3 characters with so much history, prestige and ability to be heroic and still in the face of Triumph and Tragedy.  I won't if ask, "If that makes sense?"  Press play on the podcast to make it make sense to you.  

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  1. Excellent discussion on an issue I think of often. A few comments.

    1) This was a gut punch. I was not anticipating that ending AT ALL. So when those final pages unfold and you know where you are going as a reader ...well ... I felt a big pit in my stomach, and maybe a lump in my throat, and maybe a tear in my eye. Just expert writing by JMS, an author I have had problems with in the past, basically feinting with a sudsy sit-com issue until it all becomes heavy and poignant.

    2) I also thought the hug in the bathroom was amorous. While Wonder Woman has been made canonically bisexual, I think Zatanna is straight. When I first read the issue, I thought this was simply JMS throwing in a prurient and needless sexy embrace between two women just for titillation. I don't need that. So when it was revealed it wasn't, I thought 'brilliant'.
    3) The question about 'why these guests/' is one I had thought about before. Clairvoyance? Shouldn't that be Madame Xanadu? And Babs has no history with Wonder Woman. Why not a Titan? Someone close to Dick?

    I think the reason is because Zatanna and Wonder Woman are two of the most powerful ... if not THE two most powerful ... women in the DCU. And even their massive power can't stop this tragedy. They could destroy Joker on a whim. But they are helpless against this fate. It makes the Killing Joke event even more impactful. Zatanna and Diana knew it was going to happen and even THEY couldn't stop it. That means more than saying Madame Xanadu and Jessie Quick couldn't.

    Great issue. Great podcast!