Sunday, April 24, 2022

Episode 180: Birds of Prey 3 Brightest Day

Feathers and Foes are at a crossroads as far as covering this issue.  And really, covering issues 1 - 3, Mark, A.J. and Laurel are excited about talking about our favorite heroes again, but some of the choices narrative wise has been a challenged.  One thing we all agreed on, sort of, is the intense nature of the threat in the story.  

Identities outed, framing, kidnapping, mental games, betrayel.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Episode 72: The Huntress Podcast (Wonder Woman 276 Back Up)

The Huntress Podcast talk about Helena Wayne as she navigates the revelation of Harry, the district attorney and love interest, knowing her secret identity, which was a skill-set she was trying to drill into Power Girl's head.  Keep your secret identity a secret.  

Writer: Paul Levitz

Pencils: Joe Staton

Colorist: Adrienne Roy

Letterer: John Constanza

Editor: Len Wein

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Monday, April 18, 2022

Episode 109: The Batgirls #5

A.J. and Tim discuss One Way or Another part 5, where the plot and subplots are aligning for the finale!  Barbara Gordon is out in the field as Batgirl!  So rad.  You gotta check it out.  Cassandra and Stephanie are up to their Bat Ears with keeping the Hill safe.  Facing off the Saints, Tutor, Spellbinder, and false narratives are not only spinnging the Batgirls' plates, but making this a nail bitter of an arc.

Fido-5 goes East

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Writers: Becky Cloonan & Michael W. Conrad

Artists: Jorge Corona

Colorist: Sarah Stern

Editor - Jessica Chen

Group Editor - Ben Abernathy 

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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Outcasters Episode 25

AJ, Sara and Tim discuss Batman and the Outsiders #23 from 1985, The Truth about Halo part 4. Evil energy beach balls, the Outsiders’ negotiation techniques, and sad endings abound. Two years of issues have culminated into this culmination of culminiscosity!



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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Feathers & Foes 179: Birds of Prey 2 (The Rage of the White Canary)

Feathers and Foes crew discuss the Birds in peril, facing the so-called White Canary...who has our heroes number.  Even with an extra assist from the Hawk and the Dove, things are rough all over, including with The Oracle, who is facing a war on so many fronts.  Will the Birds have to depend on the Penguin to get them out of this one?  

Writer Gail Simone

Pencils: Ed Benes & Adriana Melo

INKS: Mariah Benes & Ed Benes

Cover by Nei Ruffino & Ed Benes

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Monday, April 4, 2022

Outcasters Episode 24

AJ, Sara, Tim and special guest Jon Wilson discuss DC Comics Presents #83 from 1985 “Shadow of the Outsider”, purple trunks, pre-Crisis Superman, and how great Halo and Katana are, because they are pretty great. 

For more of Alfred’s appearances as the Outsider:

For Jon’s episode of Superman In Crisis covering this issue:

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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Outcasters Episode 23

AJ, Sara and Tim discuss Batman and the Outsiders #22 from 1985, The Truth about Halo part 3. Alan Davis artwork, clever lettering, psychedelic coloring, all come together for a mind-blowing origin story.

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