Sunday, April 3, 2022

Outcasters Episode 23

AJ, Sara and Tim discuss Batman and the Outsiders #22 from 1985, The Truth about Halo part 3. Alan Davis artwork, clever lettering, psychedelic coloring, all come together for a mind-blowing origin story.

Check out this episode!

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  1. I promised on Twitter yesterday that this episode was in my queue and now I've listened. Another fun one from the three of you - I just enjoy the banter so much.

    I think when I read this at 14, I just accepted Halo's origin, but it is pretty bonkers. Not that I dislike it. The three of you are right in the the fact this comic has a high level of craft and there are plenty of bits of character and action to keep things moving outside of the info dump.

    This comic was my introduction to Alan Davis for sure. His art was such a departure from Aparo, but the expressiveness he brings to the group is so great. Looking forward to seeing his art grow.

    As I write this, there are 2 more episodes waiting for me to listen to. Eager to listen to Jon, but I need to catch up a bit on his podcast before I can get to it. You know I will!