Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Straight Outta Loxley: Robin of Sherwood 40th Anniversary Part 2

Allen, AJ and April conclude their look at Robin Hood and The Sorcerer Part One — the opening story of the popular ITV/Showtime 1980s TV series written by Richard Carpenter and starring Michael Praed. This episode includes special contributions from Claire Stemp (author of The Haunting of Galloglass Hall), Conrad Westmaas (actor in the Doctor Who audio dramas and Robin of Sherwood: Tales Untold), Andrew Orton (author of The Hooded Man volumes 1 and 2), Sytse Wilman (Dutch journalist and creator of the Robin of Sherwood podcast) and Thaddeus Papke (host of Into the Greenwood podcast). We also have the second part of our interview with actor Mark Ryan (Nasir) who talks about his childhood in Sherwood Forest, Nasir’s backstory, and the various attempts to revive Robin of Sherwood. A production of the Wright On Network. 
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