Sunday, August 9, 2020

Episode 0: Brave and the Bold 200

The Wright On Network has a brand new podcast, The Outcasters, hosted by Tim and Ashford.  We give you episode 0, which covers The Brave and the Bold 200, which features a story working as a back door pilot to this legendary run by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo.  

Check out this episode!


  1. Hi Ashford and Tim! I was so excited to see this pop up in the feed. I read this series when it was coming out and it was an unexpected favorite. I picked up the Showcase Presents volume about 10 years ago and enjoyed revisiting it, though I always struggled with the black and white for Showcases. Then when DC Universe added all the comics and I joined, Batman and the Outsiders was one of the first series I started rereading on there. So I'm looking forward to going through it with your new podcast. The guys at Fire and Water were always saying, why isn't someone doing an Outsiders podcast?
    I never thought about how much I like Aparo's Batman but I'd have to agree that it may be my favorite Batman.
    Finally, about the Batman Brave and the Bold cartoon, Ashford, you need to watch it soon. It's great, Outrageous-ly.
    Cluck Trent

    1. Hi CT! I'm so glad you enjoyed the show, and look forward to hearing more of your thoughts as you read the series. Thank you very much for writing!

  2. Congrats on the new show, two top hosts talking about one of the best-remembered series of the Eighties, how could this not be great?

    Are you keeping that opening song as the theme tune?

    I remember when that Brave and Bold issue 200 came out, it was bittersweet - one of the best stories in years in the double Batman tale, but one ending the run. So I wasn’t predisposed to love the Outsiders, because with the preview here, and the art assignment going to Jim Aparo, it really seemed to be shoving my beloved B&B aside.

    It was clever having both Black Lightning and Metamorpho be members as they had to turn down the Justice league. Neither character is a favourite of mine, but they’re very dependable, so why not? Now, first impressions on the new guys:

    Halo: she flies, she has an illusory aura, a statis aura that somehow calms people... I could see her having too many powers. Still, nice personality, great costume and I loved the gag about not knowing which was the leg.

    Katana: Brilliant costume, nice spunky attitude, but heroes carrying swords, that wasn’t something I could get behind (which, admittedly, doesn’t make sense when every superhero is basically a deadly weapon if they choose to be).

    Geo-Force. Awful name, awkward to say, I liked to think of him as Joe Force. I get that lava blasts and earth moving could be in a single power set, but ‘Null gravity’? And what’s with the ‘tis business, he sounds like a Banshee knock off. A mud pudding of an outfit.

    As for the ‘cover’, it’s really dull for a designer as talented as Aparo, and rather spoils what’s to come - the characters should have been unveiled in the story.

    All in all, it’s an OK preview - obviously, Barr was saving the good stuff for the debut issue, but other DC previews were so much better, such as Amethyst, Blue Devil, All-Star Squadron and the book it was so desperate to be, New Teen Titans.

    So, bring on BatO #1.

    1. Whew, that's a lot of thoughts, Martin! While I disagree with some of them, I definitely can see your point of view. Thank you so much for writing, and please keep those comments coming!

  3. A great first episode of a great new podcast. I think it's going to be interesting to hear Tim's account of picking these comics up at the time. I joined the DC Universe with Millennium and therefore discovered BaTO as back issues initially through an attempt to collect everything drawn by Alan Davis. I soon learned to love the series and to love the art of Jim Aparo. I feel a great affection for these comics and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    By the way Tim, you really should've corrected Ashford when he said Batman was into New Wave. As I recall he really didn't like her.

  4. Hey Tim and Ashford! I just finished episode 0 of The Outcasters and really enjoyed it!

    I got into The Outsiders from, of all things, the Showcase Presents volume. The original Batman and The Outsiders was a complete blind spot to me, as I started reading comics "for real" in the 1990s. I had heard of the 90s era Outsiders, but did not know about the 1980s version until I saw that Showcase volume. On a whim I picked it up -- and I loved it! From there I picked up the rest of the series, along with the 90s series, and the then-current series (Judd Winnick era). Been an Outsiders fan ever since, through all of the weird twists and turns.

    Just glad to hear some positive and enthusiastic coverage of the team, as usually the team is met with snickers and derision online. I had planned to do an Outsiders blog many years ago, but that never came to fruition - so it does me good knowing that you guys will be covering the series in podcast form.

    Looking forward to listening to more episodes and (hopefully) reading along with you guys!