Thursday, January 12, 2023

Outcasters Episode 35

AJ, Sara and Tim discuss Batman and the Outsiders #32 from 1986, “A New War’s Winning” and “Looker’s Body: An Owner’s Manual”, healthy relationships, good friendships, and moving on.

NOTE: Apologies for some of Tim's audio. Those darn Kobra agents sabotaged me.



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  1. Don't look back in anger, I heard AJ say...

    Hi, friends! Thanks for entertaining me during chores and driving once again. I was thinking about how that cover reminded me of New Teen Titans #39 with Dick and Wally walking away. I know it doesn't quite work, but that was my most recent example of that type of cover. Of course, in the mid-80s I had no frame of reference for Spidey's uniform in the trash as he was walking away. Anyway, those are my cover thoughts. I agree that the colors were great and Alan Davis always delivers.

    I wonder if Mike W. Barr was forced to give Batman up to the JLA book and that's why he had Batman revert to being more of a jerk like he was at the beginning, or if he had planned it for a while as a natural growth for the team. I always did like how the team basically shrugged his departure off and prepared to forge ahead as a unit.

    I just watched all of Batman: Brave and Bold over the last 6 weeks or so and it was fun to see the Outsiders on that show. The last time they appeared, they added Geo Force and Halo to the original grouping of Katana, Metamorpho, and Black Lightning. Fun stuff.

    I also wanted to take a second to shout out Sara. It's been fun having her as a third voice on the podcast and I hope she's able to drop by now and again.

    Love seeing what both of you are reading via Twitter. My plan is to start getting to your Batgirls episodes in February. What are you guys listening to these days? January is always a weird month when you're caught between the trickle of new releases, favorites from the previous year, and whatever else catches your ear. Let me know!