Sunday, January 22, 2023

Feathers and Foes 197: Black Canary/Batgirl


Feathers and Foes cover a trippy, spellbinding tale where Barbara thinks back to when she was Batgirl, before her life as Oracle.  This story reminds us of the power of Barbara Gordon and what she means to the DC Universe at large.  Batgirl Forever!


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  1. I must have read this issue a year or two ago on DC's app, because I remember it pretty well and I totally agree, it's a great one! Nothing really to add, you all said it all. Just a great story. This would translate great to Birds of Prey: The Animated Series in another universe. Ah, what could have been. Quick thought on Blockbuster: feels liks Chuck Dixon laying the groundwork to connect this team with Nightwing, so I like that a lot. Anyway, that'll do it. Thanks for the great discussion, F&Fs!