Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Episode 63: Catwoman 51 & 52

The Huntress Podcast are visiting the world of Bertinelli as she teams up with Selena Kyle, better known as, Catwoman.  The Huntress wants to...apprehend a bundle of money from some bad guys to fund a program helping people in need of healthcare and refuge.  Catwoman, she wants to lift the money for...let us say, less altruistic reasons.  

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  1. These were fun issues, and I had lots of the same comments as Ashford and Laurel. Great stuff!

    I think I first saw Huntress in this costume during the Bat-crossover Legacy, around Detective Comics #700, and always loved it! I think it's my favorite look for Helena Bertinelli. So a surprise treat to see it here.

    Till next time, Hunt-duo(?).