Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Episode 100: Batgirls Can't Hardly Wait & The Network


The Batgirls Podcast talk The Network, A Battle of the Cowl tie-in, and Batgirls part 3 of 3, Can't Hardly Wait by writers Becky Cloonan & Michael W. Conrad.  Art by Jorge Corona with colors by Sarah Stern.  

The Batgirl Podcast is proud to reach 100 episodes, but more importantly, we are celebrating the fact that Cassandra Cain is still in discussion when it comes to current comics.  Please continue the ride with us as we continue to explore her past and celebrate her present/future.  

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  1. It was mentioned on here that one of the hosts was a fan of New Warriors from the 1990s. What is the take on what happened to Speedball with Civil War and his turn to Penance?

    1. Ah, that probably was me. I read most of the stories with him as Penance as well, and it was certainly a "thing that happened", but I'm also behind on his return to the Speedball identity, so I don't know if there's any retcons on that change.

      Honestly, I didn't care for that change. Nicieza wrote a character with complexity and variety of challenges. As Penance, he was now one-note "I was stupid and must punish myself all the time." There was some introspection in Ennis' Thunderbolts, but by and large, Robbie had no character anymore. Very disappointing to me.

      But now I'm curious what you thought about it?

    2. Hi there. I really do not have much to contribute. I read Civil War late and in retrospect and then continued to Wiki the Speedball character. I thought the concept of Penance's identity and costume were pretty dark and harsh, to say the least. So when I heard you mention being a Speedball fan, I wondered about a fan's take on the whole shift.

      I am a big Ennis Punisher and Preacher fan. I did not know he did any Thunderbolts. I may look into that after going into Warren Ellis' Thunderbolts. Anything Ellis is worth a look. Thanks for your reply to me.