Sunday, December 6, 2020

Episode 42: Adventures Comics 462

Ashford, Laurel, and Diane discuss the tragic end to Earth 2's Batman.  Although a legend dies, the legacy of the Bat lives on, forging new and untold paths and stories.  Write to us at and on Twitter @HuntressPodcast

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  1. Wow, that's a wild story! Overall, I thought it worked. Like you all, I do have questions, and glad it looks like they'll get answered as the series continues. No worries, I can be patient.

    And I enjoyed your discussion about "Batman gets killed by a nobody, a brand new character, rather than one of his villains." One angle I see is Paul Levitz felt he had to use a villain powerful enough to take out the whole JSA, and Batman's villains by-and-large don't fit that bill. Also, he might not have wanted to sacrifice a classic JSA foe, who normally would be powerful enough, in the murder-suicide moment. (Ultra-Humanite, for example) So a brand new character avoids both of those problems. He's powerful enough "just because", and with no pre-existing background it's easy to make him the sacrificial goat for the story. Not saying it's a great decision, but not unreasonable either.

    Whoo, that was way too long! Thanks Hun-trio! Catch you next time!