Sunday, December 6, 2020

Batman and the Outsiders: One Man Meltdown

Tim and Ashford discuss the manifestation of a One Man Meltdown, character moments amongst teammates, and the expression "do it up brown".  

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  1. Thanks for another splendid episode. Presumably Mike W Barr already had this story at least sketched out for a future issue but moved it up the pile when the Dreaded Deadline Doom struck the Titans and derailed the crossover. Still, it’s amazing he, Barr and Roy were able to produce this... apart from the odd sparse or entirely black background, and a couple of Bat-silhouettes, I see no shortcuts.

    I wouldn’t really say that ‘doing it up brown’ is like Cockney rhyming slang, Ashford, because it doesn’t actually rhyme. And what is with Tim equating British with sneaky? Honestly lads, you need to visit us, stat!

    1. Hi Martin! Gosh, my extensive British research would indicate that sneakiness is a cultural trait. And by research, I mean I've watched a James Bond film. But yes, I'd love to visit!

      Thanks for writing!