Sunday, November 1, 2020

Episode 3: Bitter Orange

Tim and Ashford team up to discuss Bitter Orange, the 3rd installment of Batman and the Outsiders.  Will weapons of mass destruction be unleashed upon Gotham?  Tune in and join the discussion by writing to us at


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  1. Hey, Tim and Ashford! You delivered another entertaining episode.

    I must admit to feeling a little pressure to write in...what if I don't live up to my true Outcasters fan status? However, I will not rationalize injustice to this podcast, so here I am.

    I thought the transitions were effective this issue, especially going from the death of Gus Baxter to Gregor at the tomb of his father. The transition of Brion leaving with his new teammates was strong too. You guys mentioned Aparo's art in that scene, which I agree is great. I really liked the layout there, with the plane being broken into individual panels for each member while still maintaining the whole shot.

    The conceit of Batman that Bruce Wayne pays for all of it doesn't seem like it could last, but at least we get that fun scene with Bats calling Alfred on "Channel Seven."

    Is it just me or does that scene between Bruce and Halo seem a little creepy? He kisses her hand and I think about her being 16 and in 2020 that doesn't really come off as chivalrous. Of course, I was 12 at the time this came out and I just thought Halo was really cute and that her power set was unique.

    Lots here that I'd forgotten about too, like Halo moving in with Katana and the base in the penthouse. Smart touches and I look forward to seeing them develop.

    Okay, I'll wrap it up, but before I go, props to Ashford for referring to Bats as "avuncular" - such a great word! See you guys next time.

  2. Ashford definitely has great words! I just yammer along.

    On the one hand, Bruce is being charming to young Gaby, reinforcing her choice and treating her like an adult, something many teenagers appreciate. On the other, Halo is clearly flattered and perhaps a bit attracted to Mr Wayne, so tread carefully, Bruce.

    Oh and please don't feel pressured to comment. We love getting your feedback, but just listening is thanks enough. See you on the outside!