Monday, October 26, 2020

America vs. The Justice Society Book 3

The Huntress Podcast discuss book 3 of the saga: America vs. The Justice Society.  The plot thickens as we get more history of the first super hero team ever, wild courtroom scenes, and the grand revel of the one who's been pulling the strings behind the scenes.  

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  1. What? I stole Laurel's thunder? Oh no! I'm sorry! I'll try really hard not to do that again.

    I first saw the Wizard, or a close approximation of him, in the 70s on a Superman Filmation cartoon of all things. His powers were very different, but he gave Superman a challenge with this vulnerability to magic. More recently, I knew him from Infinity Inc, and only a couple of appearances here and there. He was certainly an interesting choice by Roy as a villain to testify against the JSA. But I don't get the "my initials plus last name = W.I.Zard" bit. His middle name is "Asmodeus". So that's W.A.Zard. Yes, I know Wi(lliam) Zard works, but my nitpicker brain is stuck on them saying his "initials". Argh!

    Anyways, loving the discussion, and looking forward to the grand finale! Thanks, Hun-trio!