Sunday, October 4, 2020

Episode 2: Batman & The Outsiders 2

Ashford and Tim discuss the action packed second issue of Batman and the Outsiders, which includes war scenes, the formation of a new team, and a bright punned future.  Please write to us at


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  1. Another enjoyable episode, Tim and Ashford!

    I'm glad you touched on how grim parts of this story were. The woman who rejected Bedlam shown being hung in the background really leaped out. I wonder what my 12 year-old self thought of that panel at the time - did I just chalk it up to "that's how things are when people are evil" or did I react to the horror of it? Too long ago to remember. Also, I had the thought that throwing Bedlam off of the balcony was going to be enough to kill him, or the mob below him.

    I did notice Batman isn't nearly as big of a dick this time around. Sure, he may still be arrogant, but he had sympathy towards Black Lightning and seemed to be interested in the heroes who were helping him out as maybe more than just tools from his Bat-belt. It will be interesting to track his interactions with the group moving forward.

    Thanks for encouraging my rambling last time out. In that spirit, I will leave you with one thought - have you noticed how blue Halo's eyes are colored?

  2. Good thoughts, Justin! I only dimly remembered the hanging detail on this re-read, and like you, young Tim might not have fully registered the horror, or just thought "dang, that's HARSH!" Time is pretty distant.

    Ah yes, how Batman deals with the team will be discussed just about every episode, especially since his post-Crisis team dynamics are strikingly different from this just-barely-pre-Crisis era.

    Oh please keep that ramble train rolling! And yes, I have noticed that Halo's eyes are sky blue. Well played final tangent for your comment. Thanks for listening!