Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Wright On Network Presents: America vs. The Justice Society part 2...Trial by Congress

Will the JSA be able to prove their innocence?  Write to us at or on twitter @HuntressPodcast




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  1. Jerry Ordway's cover for this issue was excellent. I especially liked the faces of the senator and cop in the front, very realistic and expressive. Love it!

    I'm starting to approach these first 2 issues less as a story, and more as history, which changes my expecatations of the books. It's ok if I'm not entertained. Since I haven't read the original stories being relayed, I instead look to be informed. Then I view the rest of the book as framing devices for the history lesson, and then the book actually becomes easier for me to take.

    But looking at the story side of it, Roy often used dialog asides heavily in his writing, like with all the whispering in this issue. And I do mean a lot, to the point of distraction. On the one hand, it's nice of him to give all of the characters their due. On the other, SO VERY WORDS!

    Speaking of asides, between episodes, I did read both DC Special #29 and Secret Origins #31 with the pre and post Crisis origin of the JSA. That was a fun exercise along with this mini-series. And I keep forgetting how close America vs JSA was published compared to Crisis. Yikes!

    Always enjoy your discussion, Hun-trio!