Saturday, May 30, 2020

Episode 57: Ghost/Batgirl 3

Things are getting creepier and creepier with the 3rd installment of this Dark Horse/DC Comics crossover.  Not much of Cassandra, and a lot more of the Bad Guys dominate most of this book.  Tim and Ashford navigate through the muddled mess, and try to make sense of such a dark, sadistic story.  

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  1. Hey, Batgirl team! I'm a new listener and this mini-series coverage of Ghost/Batgirl serves as my introduction to your podcast, which is oddly appropriate since the Ghost/Batgirl miniseries is my introduction to both Ghost and Batgirl!

    I'd been buying the Dark Horse/DC crossover collections that have come out in the last few years for the Alien and Predator and Superman and Batman crossovers. I figured I'd eventually get around someday to reading the other crossovers.

    Well, someday turned out to be today! Well, last week anyway when I subscribed to your podcast and saw you were covering this series and I decided to read along. This mini-series was the first time I ever read a Ghost OR Batgirl comics. i mean I’ve heard of both of them and Cassandra is my buddy's favorite character and I know some things about her. But this is my first read with both of them.

    And as an introduction to both of them? It was not great. Honestly, the highlight of this whole thing was Barbara!

    The whole mini-series did not work well at all. For me, anyway. The art felt off, as you guys mentioned, and it was hard for me to track the characters because of that. I felt the story was a confusing mess. I never felt like I was properly introduced to the characters, and when it's all brought together for the climactic ending . . . it didn't feel that climactic to me.

    Now the mini-series combined with your conversation did get me excited to hear more about Batgirl, and almost interested in Ghost, too (but not enough for me to spend much tracking her appearances down - but the horror superhero genre is one I like) and I can't wait to hear you discuss this ending. I'm hoping that either: A. you help me understand the ending, because I'm not sure I was tracking with the story, or B. you also didn't track with it and I won't feel as stupid.

    Thanks for the great podcast and I'm looking forward to listening to your back catalogue AND the Huntress episodes too!

    ~ Ben Avery, Comic Book Time Machine and Welcome to Level Seven