Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Episode 33: Robin IV Cry of the Huntress

Laurel, Diane, and Ashford discuss saga #4 of Cry of the Huntress.  Tim and Helena's partnership is solidifying rather nicely as they try to bring justice to the Russian Mafia in Gotham.  Write to us at

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  1. One thing Tom Lyle excels at is drawing hair. He started with 80s "big" hair and mullets, and easily changed to 90s spikey hair. Yes, it "dates" the issue, but he does it so well.

    On this read, I had a thought about the scene where KGBeast is hanging onto Huntress' wrist before falling. I wondered if that was an homage to his first storyline, specifically Batman #419. It's kind of a big deal because that's when KGBeast loses his left hand! I'll spare you the Tim-splaining this time (y'all have been so gracious about it). Rather, it just struck me that in that story, Batman is hanging off a building with KGBeast at the top stuck holding him, and in this issue, Beast's the one holding onto someone in almost the same situation.

    Loving the coverage, Huntrio! See you next time!