Thursday, August 15, 2019

#TheHuntress Episode 17: Days of Rage

The Huntress is trying to stop, or quell an all out turf world in her New York territory, so she might have to rough up the Batman in order to maintain the peace in her neighborhood, no matter if she has to allow strange bed fellows in her orbit or not. 

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  1. Aw man, I finally got to reading this series just in time for your show to approach the end? Sheesh, I'm such a slowpoke!

    I did listen to a few of the previous episodes as well as this one. Loving the contributions of all the hosts. You're all so insightful, much like this series itself.

    I likewise don't see any point for Huntress and Batman to be at odds other than to drive a wedge between the Bertinelli and Wayne versions of Huntress. Likewise in her JLA #26 appearance, they haven't justified their animosity sufficiently yet. In the future, I do recall a story or two that help in hindsight, but that doesn't excuse the writing in this period.

    Looking forward to the next episode, Huntresses! (Huntressi? Huntressoids?)