Monday, June 10, 2024

Straight Outta Huntingdon: Robin of Sherwood 40th Anniversary - Adam Bell


Allen (from the Robin Hood website, AJ and April explore Adam Bell by writer Anthony Horowitz and director Gerry Mill — the first episode filmed for the third series of the ITV/Showtime 1980s TV series created by Richard Carpenter and starring Jason Connery. This episode includes special contributions from Amanda DH (admin of the Robin of Sherwood Facebook group Outlawed), author Jenny Kane aka Jennifer Ash (writer of Romancing Robin Hood, the Folville Chronicles, and many of the Robin of Sherwood spinoff material), university professor Olena Shon from Ukraine, academic and author Charlotte Dahlgaard-Sigsworth originally from Denmark and now in the UK, and author Steven A. McKay of the Forest Lord series. We also have an exclusive and in-depth interview with Esta Charkham who was the casting director of Robin of Sherwood’s first series and the producer of the second and third series. A production of the Wright On Network!   Arrow sound effects by Pond5 / DanielSounds.

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