Saturday, May 18, 2024

Straight Outta Loxley: Robin of Sherwood 40th Anniversary Retrospective Part 3


Allen (from the Robin Hood website, AJ and April explore Robin Hood and The Sorcerer Part Two — the second half of the opening story of the popular ITV/Showtime 1980s TV series written by Richard Carpenter and starring Michael Praed. This episode includes special contributions from podcaster Andrew Leyland (from Hey Kids, Comics and The Palace of Glittering Delights), Nottingham-based fan Annette Furuyama, Christine Alexander (head of the international fan club Spirit of Sherwood), Barnaby Eaton-Jones (producer of Robin of Sherwood spinoff audio dramas and novels) Alyxandra Harvey (author of The Drake Chronicles and The Cinderella Society series), Amanda DH (admin of the Robin of Sherwood Facebook group Outlawed) and entertainment journalist Abbie Bernstein (who conducted the interviews for the Robin of Sherwood DVDs). We also have the final part of our interview with actor Mark Ryan (Nasir) who talks about his plans for a Nasir novel set after the show and how he was inspired by Blake’s 7 creator Terry Nation and actors Paul Darrow and Michael Keating . A production of the WrightOn Network. Arrow sound effects by Pond5 / DanielSounds.

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