Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Outcasters Episode 47

AJ and Tim discuss The Outsiders #5 from 1985, “A Christmas Carol -- 1985”, L.A. weather, flute therapy, and the vigilante spectrum.



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  1. Hey, friends! The 2024 catch-up rolls on and you know I can't listen without dropping you a line.

    I was trying to think where I first encountered "A Christmas Carol" and I'm pretty sure I read it before I saw any adaptations.

    You hit on some of the things that jumped out at me as I read the issue. Jefferson seems to have a co-leader role, at the very least. It makes sense, because he has the most experience but the Markovian sponsorship means Brion has to be the official head. That's what it seems to me, anyway.

    I got a real "we're putting on a show" vibes with the asides between the team as they were tricking Mudge. Tim, you've directed shows, right? Pretty strong resemblance with backstage conversations.

    I don't recall having seen the Kevin Maguire cover for the AotO reprint for the issue and I dug it. Of course, the Aparo cover (and art) is hard to beat.

    Okay, that's in for now...#48 up soon!