Sunday, July 23, 2023

Outcasters Episode 42

AJ and Tim discuss Adventures of the Outsiders #38 from 1986, “Many Brave Hearts Are Asleep in the Deep” and “Welcome to L.A.”, costume logos, traffic jams, and driving lessons.



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  2. Wait, is this me responding to an episode only 10 days after it was posted? Is this me caught up again? Sea life will now OBEY MY POWER! Oops. Sorry, too far.

    Your talk about who the leader of the team is at this point made me think. I had assumed it was Jefferson, who seemed to quietly take the lead on everything. He's certainly the most experienced outside of Rex...and Rex is not a leader. I'll definitely be tracking this in the Outsiders series.

    Of the two stories, I preferred the second one to the first. I know AJ was into the Marine Marauder, but she didn't do much for me. I still am not sure what her powers are and why she would showboat so much before...was it robbing the boat? The L.A. story was fun, giving everyone something to do and setting things up. Don Heck was fine, but I'm glad he wasn't there for a whole issue.

    I think Rex's "blond" comment to Halo was just him teasing her - after all, his wife is someone many would dismiss as just a pretty face but he sees beyond that.

    Loved AJ's Tribe Called Quest shout and the digressions about cars (driving) and cars (traffic jams). Your interplay is what makes this podcast so much fun. Okay, see you soon! (winks)