Sunday, April 23, 2023

Outcasters Episode 39

AJ and Tim discuss Adventures of the Outsiders #35 from 1986, “Sympathy for the Fuhrer”, emotional management, lethal force, and brazilian accents.



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  1. Hello, AJ and Tim! I'm back to comment mere days after the last one, as promised. It's funny, because the comment of mine you read on this episode was partially me apologizing for being late. If I only knew!

    I really enjoyed your Rolling Stones song title intros to the team, Tim. You like to claim you're some kinda "not that smart" Monkey Man, but I know better.

    So, do you think the Masters of Disaster took the job with Baron Bedlam because they knew he'd clashed with the Outsiders and they wanted another piece of them? The hate was just an extra bonus, although the Nazi of it all was at least uncomfortable for some of them. Seriously, though, New Wave's hatred of her sister is just out of control. She needs some serious therapy. Still love her look, though.

    It was nice to see Jefferson and Tatsu taking on those leadership roles. Rex was certainly into the lightning blast he got from BL. We got some serious snark from Halo (Halo Halo) and Looker is still all over the place. Brion got a bit executey. I do like how the team is going without Batman around.

    AJ, I hope you enjoyed seeing The New Pornographers. I saw them in May and it was a great show. We got "Cat and Mouse With the Light" and I hope you did too. My power pop pals recommendation this time out is Dropkick's The Wireless Revolution. It doesn't have super crunchy guitars, but the melodies stick.

    Okay, my friends, I need to read the next issue and listen to the next episode. Until then!