Saturday, February 25, 2023

Outcasters Episode 36

AJ and Tim discuss Adventures of the Outsiders #33 from 1986, “A Tiny Deadly War”, royal aircraft, health clubs, and new beginnings.



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  1. Hi, Tim and AJ!

    Sorry I haven't been timely with my commenting so far in 2023. I blame...well, me.

    I was thinking about how the Outsiders splitting into 2 titles was a bit easier for me than it was when Legion and Teen Titans did it a year or two earlier. I had discovered a comics shop about 40 miles away that I was able to get my mom to take me to from time to time. So while I didn't get every Outsiders issue when it was published, I at least had a chance. Adventures of the Outsiders was the one I could consistently count on.

    So, on to this issue. It's fun to see the team striking out on its own and how those dynamics work. Looker is still separate, but not for long, right? I absolutely love seeing The Masters of Disaster back - the perfect foes for our team. And...Hitler? Yikes.

    Thanks for answering my music question on a comics podcast. As for me, I'm always listening to a lot of things. In March, I went to 3 concerts so I spent a lot of times with those artists - Sloan, Bottlecap Mountain, Phil Yates & the Affiliates, and Neal Francis.

    Okay, I'll log off for now and work on getting caught up. Thanks as always for this fun podcast.

    P.S. I have listened to one of the Batgirls episodes and have more to listen to there too.