Sunday, February 5, 2023

#198 Feathers and Foes Showcase 96 #3 (Birds of a Feather)



Black Canary and Lois Lane dovetail into working the same case, breaking up a dark, underground sweatshop.  With the assist of the Oracle, this unlikely, but obviously wonder duo fight and inspire a revolution.  Tell us what you think of this story and what we may have missed at Twitter @HuntressPodcast



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  1. This was a first read for me, and I agree with you all, it's really great. Dinah and Lois were an interesting pair, and I loved that Lois could intuit that Dinah had someone helping her, because she's that smart!
    A couple of notes: this era of Showcase were named after the year, and an attempt to revive the anthology comic. Initially, there were more multi-part stories across issues, but by this year, it was more one-and-dones with some 2-parters. In the third year, 1995, they had a theme to the year where each issue would feature 1 Batman-adjacent character. Here in 1996, it was the same idea with Superman characters. But I had pruned my comic buying heavily a year before, so I already had dropped Showcase. But it was an interesting series for sure.
    I was buying Green Arrow including the issue where Ollie died and right after with Connor Hawke. That big issue had Ollie's hand stuck in a bomb, Superman was there, and the only way he could see to save Ollie was to cut off his hand. That's the cliffhanger end of the issue. Now the thing is, in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight, set 30 years in the future, Oliver is alive, but only has one arm! So us readers had a month thinking "Is this how Ollie lost his arm in Dark Knight?" But then the next issue comes out, opening with Ollie freaking out and setting off the bomb himself rather than lose an arm. Crazy stuff I know, but that cliffhanger was really powerful so I give the creative team lots of credit for that. Oh, it was Chuck Dixon and Jim Aparo, by the way!
    Till next time, F&Fs!