Sunday, December 25, 2022

Outcasters Episode 34

AJ, Sara and Tim discuss Batman and the Outsiders #31 from 1985, “Pawn of the World Below”, sibling rivalry, self-esteem issues, and Katana catharsis.



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  1. Hello again, my Outcasting friends! Good to have you all in my ears again (even if it was touch and go for Sara) as you talked about the crazy end to a weird weird story.

    I like how you got into some of those age-old questions about comics, like why didn't other heroes show up to help or is it better to be timely or strive for timeliness. The first, as you concluded, is easier if you don't think about it - just let the books stand on their own and crossover as needed. The second is trickier to me - for some books it's part of the charm when you read them years later and for others it can throw you out of the story. Maybe it depends on if you read those issues before or if you read other comics in that era? Side note: That Booster Gold house ad sure worked its magic on me, because I was ready to buy #1 off the stands and kept buying them all.

    As for the issue itself, the whole transformation of Emily to Looker is odd. I do like that her husband never told her she needed to change the way she looked or ever seemed to have a problem with that. He loved who he married. On the other hand, if my wife showed up looking completely different I don't know that I would just go along with it. How disconcerting that would be!

    Thanks for remembering to give AJ my Pavement question, Tim...or was it Future Tim...or Past Tim...or Present Perfect Tim. My Power Pop Pals (TM) suggestion this time around is the album Pressed & Ironed by the band Crossword Smiles. It came out at the tail end of the year and is pretty darn good.

    Okay, there's another episode in the feed - hope to get to it soon!