Saturday, November 5, 2022

The Huntress Podcast 85: Nightwing 26 - 29


The Huntress Podcast follows Helena Bertinelli in the ongoing tales of Nightwing, where street crimes, bad dudes and realizations are brought to the forefront.  Will the Huntress be able to find her target while warding off the Bat Family's favorite son?  

Writer Chuck Dixon and Penciller Scott McDaniel had a heck of a run on Nightwing?  How do you think this creative team handled The Huntress?  What do you think about these books over all?

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  1. Whew, now that's some whirlwind coverage, but Laurel did top-notch summarizing as always, and the discussion was great. This was my first time reading these issues. I had collected Nightwing for a bit, but don't remember why I dropped it before this story. Maybe I was getting Chuck Dixon fatigue. Regardless, I did enjoy this, I liked Huntress having agency and prominent, and had fun remembering why I dug this era.

    But I was more uncomfortable now with Scott McDaniel's depiction of Huntress. He's oversexualizing her on the covers and the interiors, and it doesn't sit well. I agree this was par for the course with 90s comics art, so it's not unique to McDaniel. So to give him credit, he absolutely excels at dynamic fluid action scenes. He has that in common with Damion Scott, which AJ and I have discussed plenty on the Cassandra Cain podcast. Honest, I'm not trying to plug the show, it's just interesting to see the parallel artistic styles for Nightwing and Batgirl, which suits them both well.

    Thanks for another great listen, gang!