Thursday, October 13, 2022

Outcasters Episode 31

AJ, Sara and Tim discuss Batman and the Outsiders #28 from 1985, “Abduction from Below”, the appeal of yachts, Tatsu being a friend, and Saturday morning cartoon lineup.

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  1. Hello, friends!

    Apparently, I was behind your recording schedule with my comments last time. Hopefully, I'm on time with this one, but it's been a couple weeks since the episode came out, so who knows.

    I thought this issue was another great Alan Davis showcase, proving that he can excel with both action and super-heroes in their civvies. And yes, Tim, he does draw a great Sapphire. The cover is definitely enhanced by that blue too.

    Greatly enjoyed the Who's the Boss and Saturday morning cartoons tangent. I was a big fan of the former and not just for Alyssa Milano. You really had to plan out which cartoons you most wanted to watch to make sure you changed the channel at the right time.

    My Power Pop Pals recommendation for AJ this time around is the new album from Sloan. I can't get even, especially the opening track "Magical Thinking" and the rocking "Scratch the Surface."

    Okay, I have to get to school, so I'm out of here. See/hear you next time!