Monday, July 25, 2022

The Huntress Podcast 79: Nightwing/The Huntress 1



The Huntress Podcast are excited to talk about this street level saga where the HUNTRESS and Nightwing dovetail into solving a murder mystery gone awry.  Will Helena and Dick be able to put their differences aside in order to find the true culprit?  

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  1. Wow! This is my first time reading this mini-series, and my goodness, I am hooked on this story! A mob guy and his girl trying to get out of the life, a murder messing up his alibi, the victim an undercover cop, and two heroes with different styles but latent chemistry? Oh I'm in.

    I think Nightwing and Huntress last worked together in the Batman crossover Legacy, in the Robin issue. Hold on, let me go check. (do-do-do-Blue-mooooon) Yep, that was it, Robin #33, 2 years before this mini. And both heroes wearing these same costumes. There was some definite flirting in Robin #33, and I remember it was noted in several letters to the comic. Plus their costumes have interesting similarities without being identical. So it's almost surprising it took so long to get a team-up with them published.

    Now. The kiss. I agree it does not read very natural, it's very abrupt. I think the writer, Devin Grayson, has a specific take on Nightwing, which she'll include later this same year in her series, Titans. Specifically, her thesis is that women love Dick Grayson. Almost to the point of it being a super power. He has lots of charisma, confidence, and puts people at ease. He's a true ladies man and doesn't try to be, he can't help himself. At least, that's how Devin writes him. Considering how Nightwing has been portrayed ever since, I think this take has stuck.

    But hey, this is a Huntress show! She was equally awesome, had a great amount of the spotlight, and I liked her sticking up for herself. And turning around to yell at "Batman" just to see it was Nightwing? I loved that.

    Great discussion as always, AJ and Laurel! I'm really looking forward to the next issue and episode!