Sunday, June 26, 2022

Outcasters Episode 27

AJ, Sara and Tim discuss Batman and the Outsiders Annual #2 from 1985, the wedding of Metamorpho and Sapphire Stagg. Robots both human and insect, people who look like their mom, Java still thinking he has a chance with Sapphire, and matrimony. 



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  1. Hey, friends! Good to have you back in my ears again for this somewhat disappointing annual.

    First up - did not expect Sara with the Henry Rollins reference. Love it!

    A.J., where do you rank Hail to the Thief in Radiohead's catalog? Also, have you heard the album from The Smile? Good stuff.

    So, I did buy the collection digitally in order to read this issue, but it wasn't too expensive. I honestly couldn't remember if I'd bought it back in 1985, but the story did seem somewhat familiar, so I guess I did.

    I feel like the sparseness at the wedding reflects the sparseness of this issue. It's fine and the art is fine and it just seems like it should be a bigger deal. I did not notice the mom parallels before you all talked about it - Sapphire is taken because she looks like her mom and Windfall and New Wave have different thoughts about Halo because she looks like their mom...what was Mike W. Barr trying to work out?

    The comment about Cold Snap playing keytar made me think about The Masters of Disaster as a new wave band and here's what I think each would play in the band...

    New Wave - bass/lead singer
    Heatstroke - lead guitar
    Cold Snap - keytar/backing vocals
    Windfall - saxophone/backing vocals
    Shakedown - drums

    What do you all think?

    Oh, glad you enjoyed my haiku :) Until next time!