Saturday, June 4, 2022

Feathers and Foes 183: Birds of Prey 6 volume 2

Feathers and Foes discuss the final showdown in Bangkok, The Huntress stepping up and stealing the show and the continued legend and fame of the Black Canary.

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  1. I loved your insights about Helena stepping in for Dinah in the fight, the second-best Huntress moment in this volume. My additional takes are: 1. The Birds are all prepared to make "the heroic sacrifice" for a complete stranger and definitely for their friends. 2. This is a callback to issue #1 and the first-best Huntress moment, where she get emotional admitting the Birds are her *only* friends. No way is she watching one of them die if she can do anything about it. So while she's thinking to herself "there's no one who cares about me", she's doing this because she cares about Dinah so deeply. I'm probably reading more into it than what's in the story, but I can live with that. :) Thanks for another great show, gang!