Sunday, May 22, 2022

Outcasters Episode 26

AJ, Sara and Tim discuss Batman and the Outsiders #24 from 1985, I Went to the Animal Fair. Sketchy guys with a van, juggling elephants, tire swings, and Batman smiling, this issue has it all!



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  1. Listening to your latest and I had some thoughts about creeper van blond Jesus guy.
    So, this is 1985, and readers who are of an age with Halo would have grown up through the 1970s and likely have at least some memory associations with the idea of people just getting in a flowery van and going off to live on a commune. I don't know that this would have automatically had the creeper vibes that we get now but more of a nostalgic/romantic vibe for a way of life people chose not too long ago and that might still seem appealing to the reader. I think that one choice often made by stories in the era was to caution readers (or viewers in TV examples) against something that may seem fun but is way too fraught with risk. Completely trusting your driver to the point of falling asleep along the way is something I've seen in any number of hippy-era stories, but of course this is a great way to invite all kinds of bad things happen, and young people needed to be made aware. Since all of you (and I) read this and think CREEPER VAN NO HALO STAY AWAY, they obviously succeeded in their jobs of raising awareness.
    Anyway, I realize that my vote doesn't matter, but I almost always favor release order for coverage, so issue 25 before the annual gets my vote. Of course, if you do the annual first, I'll still be right there listening (and silently judging you every minute for doing it wrong).
    All my best to all you h-less podcasting compatriots!
    Jon M. Wilson
    Superman in Crisis

  2. Okay, as of this very moment (12:19 CDT on June 12) I am back to being caught up with the podcast. I have a sneaking suspicion you'll be posting an episode today, but time will tell.

    I agree that the pimp character is a bad stock character, but one I'm sure I didn't blink at at the time. Time and perspective, right? I did have the thought that Halo trades one exploiter for another, though. I don't remember that storyline, so I'm interested if it goes the way I think.

    I had mentioned when I shared this episode on Twitter that I didn't remember this comic and I was right. You three hit on so many things that stood out - Simon and Rex pulling Sapphire between them (I was laughing at A.J.'s pointing out the 1930sness of those characters), the on-the-nose monkey narration with Katana, the ever-so-bored Bruce Wayne, and more. I think A.J.'s description of this as a comedown issue is perfect.

    It doesn't look like Annual #2 is available on Infinite, but it's included in the Vol. 3 collection. I'm so committed to this podcast that I think I'll have to pick it up digitally. I mean I have to be fully prepared for the discussion, right?