Saturday, February 19, 2022

Outcasters Episode 22

Tim, AJ, and Sara discuss Batman and the Outsiders #21 from 1985, a very special issue featuring 3 solo stories for Katana, Geo-Force, and Black Lightning.

Each one-and-done story was written by Mike W Barr, colored by Adrienne Roy, and with a different art team for each story, notably Jerome K Moore, Trevor Von Eeden, and Ron Randall. There's a lot of fun things to say about these short stories!

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  1. Hey, Outcasters! How are you? It was great to hear your thoughts on #21, but you already know I'm a fan.

    I was trying to recall my impression of this when I bought it off the spinner racks and read it, but it's pretty hazy. I think I thought it was cool to get the three solo spotlights.

    I agree with you all that the Katanna story was fun and a cool idea, but the football broadcast aspect doesn't make a lot of sense. The commentator says they need a field goal when they clearly needed a touchdown and it seems like a time out got called in the middle of a play? If you can suspend that disbelief, the story does work well.

    I bounced off of the names of both Nerdly in the Geo-Force story and Ghetto Blaster in the BL one. Otherwise the Geo-Force one worked well enough; the BL one, on the other hand...not my favorite.

    Solid art throughout. I had seen Ron Randall's work on Warlord and was a fan and I believe I mentioned my initial resistance to Trevor Von Eden's art in a previous comment, but again, I enjoyed it much more this time around.

    Speaking of artists, bring on Alan Davis and even more truth about Halo!