Sunday, January 23, 2022

Episode 21 of the Outcasters

The Truth About Halo continues to unravel, yet  tied up ever so...not neatly...kinda deadly.  The Outsiders come to Halo's rescue in her discovery of herself, past and future.  Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo gives us another stellar story that leaves new readers in shock even after all these years.

Syonide's panel stealing moments makes this a must read as well.

Check out this episode!

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  1. What's up, Outcasters? Nice to have Sara back with Tim and Ashford.

    I know it doesn't seem to be Sara's favorite, but I love the floating heads on the cover. Their expressions are great, as you all mentioned.

    Lots of love for Aparo's storytelling this episode and I couldn't agree more. I loved him back in the day, but feel like I appreciate him so much more now.

    Shirtless Bruce pumping iron sure got my attention - I was laughing along as you were talking about it.

    I also loved hearing Sara get more and more into Syonide as the episode went along.

    Ashford, you are right that Halo's secret life as Violet is rough. Aparo really sold the juxtaposition of Violet and Halo with facial expression and overall style, didn't he? I can't remember how long it is before we get to the next part of her origin, but am eager to see what you think.

    I remember really liking Alan Davis on the book once I got adjusted to his style...wonder how it holds up. I'll be back to see, of course, and look forward to your next episode.