Monday, December 20, 2021

Episode 65: Batman and Robin Adventures 19

Laurel and A.J. talk about Helena Bertinelli in the Batman and Robin Adventures.  For a one shot story, the writer captured the spirit of the Huntress quite well.  

Check out this episode!


  1. Oh, I loved this issue! It's a first read for me, and what a treat! I don't think I have anything to add about it, you both covered every point I thought of. Seriously, I'd think of something, and then one of you would voice it in the podcast. It was wild!

    So I will reiterate that this is my favorite version of Helena B's costume, and it looks fantastic in the Batman:TAS style. Love it!

    Sorry if you already remember this, but Ty Templeton was also the artist of JLA #26, which you covered where Huntress guest starred. While that wasn't the best presentation of Helena B, I think this issue shows that Ty must like and appreciate the character a lot, especially when he gets to be the writer.

    Thank you for covering this issue, Hunt-duo! A surprise joy!

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