Saturday, October 23, 2021

Episode 171: The Opera

Feathers and Foes are back at the Opera, sort of speak.  Listen to us talk about this wonderful single issue with Harley Quinn, a night out with Bruce and Selena, Dr. Leslie Thompkins and a Murder.

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  1. Hi Hushers! I wanted to send a little note that this coverage has been excellent, and I'm really enjoying reading along with you. Thanks for giving me an excuse!

    Now I know it's really late, but back to the question a couple of issue ago, if Krypto can find anybody, why not use him to solve every crime? My rationale is this is intentionally or accidentally a nod to the Silver Age DC stories, where some convenient character or ability is used one time to wrap up the story, and then never again. Just a thought.

    Till next time!