Monday, September 6, 2021

Episode 59: Darker Still


Diane, Laurel and Ashford talk Darker Still and Breaking Cover, the first 2 stories of a four part mini-series, staring one of our favorite DC heroes, the Huntress!  Please write to us at or on Twitter @HuntressPodcast

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  1. Sean Ross saw I was reading these issues and tweeted me what I thought. My response was "Remember how Helena B's childhood was disturbing, and how Dixon gives her an extremely dark characterization? Mix those together, plus some indie comics art with gratuitous butt shots, and you've got these comics." That's pretty much still how I feel.

    Now this is a stretch, but *maybe* this story is leading towards getting Helena some closure for the abuse from her childhood. That would be a positive direction for her. But we're halfway thru, and I don't see how her assaulter will be pulled directly into the story in time with the other plotlines in play. I'll choose to hold out hope for that.

    Till next time, Hun-trio!