Friday, September 10, 2021

Episode 168: Hush part 3 (The Beast)

Feathers and Foes are back to talk some Hush!  The Beast!  Again, we can't stop gushing about the art, the story is swift and sweet, and the mystery is expanding like the universe.  Please join us in the discussion by writing to us at, Twitter @feathersandfoes @huntresspodcast or e-mail


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  1. The story's pacing feels very much like Jeph Loeb's other maxiseries, like Long Halloween and Dark Victory. Plenty of room for the artists to work, and a relatively light plot per issue. That's not a complaint, simply Loeb doing what I expect of him. He's giving space for that gorgeous art you're talking about.

    Regarding Tommy Elliott, oh yeah, as my kids would say, "he's totally sus!" And I love tripping them out when I use modern slang badly on purpose, because you know, dad humor. Anyway, Tommy seems an obvious suspect to be Hush, and maybe that's the point. Maybe it's not really a mystery, but an exploration of Bruce and Tommy's relationship and what led them to this conflict. And if Tommy wanted Bruce dead, why save him in surgery? So there's plenty of reveals to come in the story, but maybe we're not expected to be surprised that Tommy is also the bad guy.

    Enjoying the show! Till next time, Hushers!