Monday, August 16, 2021

Episode 16: Going for the Gold!

The Outcasters are back to discuss the conclusion of this 2 part story at the Olympics to put a stop to the malice of one Maxi Zeus and his so-called Olympians.  What did you think of Batman's detective skills in this one?  Who was your Outsider?  And, do you remember the 1984 Olympics?  Let us know at


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  1. Hey Ashford and Tim, what's up? I finally managed to listen to the most recent episode before you released a new one, although you've probably recorded the next one by now and my comments will be time delayed. Ah well, this is the DC Universe we're talking about, so it makes some sense.

    Don't worry about the podcast numbering not lining up with the issue number. Have you noticed how Shagg claims the JLI podcast is on episode 41 or so after releasing like 60 episodes? Now that's crazy (hi, Shagg, still love your show).

    I agree that Trevor von Eden's art was definitely jarring here, as it's such a departure from both Aparo and Willingham. I was not a fan of von Eden in my younger days, but I can certainly appreciate his style these days. It looks good, but it also doesn't quite work for the book.

    I was also weirded out by how easily Lacinia agrees to take care of Medea. Honestly, this issue falls short of the potential that was set up in #14. That's okay, though.

    As for the real Olympics in 1984, I remember them well. We didn't have air-conditioning in our house at that point and it was a tremendous heat wave during the Games. We spent almost all of our time in the basement watching every event, as it was the coolest part of the house and because we could see things in real time too.

    Anyway, I may have gone overboard making up for the lack of website comments in most of 2021, so I will stop here. Looking forward to the next one, as always.