Monday, July 26, 2021

Episode 56: Into the Darkness Once More

The Huntress Podcast talks about the new story arc/ongoing adventures of Helena Wayne who is The Huntress, Lawyer, Socialite, and all around leading character!  Let us know what you think about this Wonder Woman back up story at on Twitter @HuntressPodcast or e-mail at



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  1. The episode was great, and loved the discussion as always. But I'm annoyed at the DC because there's a gap in Wonder Woman on the digital platforms. They have issue #230 and #274, and none of the in between like this one! Seriously? There's gotta be plenty of people wanting to read the Huntress backup stories, and they don't have them? Just shaking my head.

    But hey, at least I can read them vicariously thru my Huntrio minus one. Thanks, gang!