Monday, June 7, 2021

Episode 54: The Defeat of the Justice Society

The Huntrio talk the Defeat of the Justice Society?  The youth of the Justice Society, Helena Wayne and Karen Starr, talk a little Justice Society history.  For over a decade, the Justice Society disbanded.  Via the oral history of her father, Bruce Wayne, Helena, AKA, the Huntress, relays the story of the JSA's history.  

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  1. I wasn't ready for this story to be THAT story. The House Unamerican Activities story. I've heard about it plenty afterwards of course, but boy, it was so subtly done. One moment, it looks like a standard "villain lures heroes into deathtrap" comic, then it's called into a hearing and BOOM! Goodbye, JSA! Levitz and Staton pulling a rope-a-dope on the readers. Amazing!

    It still throws me that Jay Garrick Flash is on the first page, when I thought this immediately followed the JLA issue, but I get it, this story takes place after the JSA caught Jay and Spirit King. But did Levitz and Staton really plan it that way, or was it an editorial gaffe? What do you think, Huntrio?

    Great show, gang!