Sunday, April 11, 2021

Episode 50: Justice League of America 171

50 episodes in and the Huntrio finds itself talking about the JLA and JSA on the Watchtower, where a mysterious murder has taken place.  We are talking a whodunnit?  Write to us at



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  1. The Justice League always had a rotating chairman, while the Justice Society had only three chairmen (before Crisis that is): first Flash for two issues, the Green Lantern for one issue, and then Hawkman was the permanent chairman. As to the Adventure Comics series you previously covered, this tale was published in between issues 465 and 466, as in 465 Mister Terrific was seen joining the Society at the end of the tale as they departed for Earth-One, and in 466 all the Justice Society including Black Canary were assembled for Terrific's funeral.