Monday, March 15, 2021

Episode 49: Showcase 93 (Part 1)

Diane, Laurel, and Ashford talk 90s, Helena Bertinelli, and a wonderful creative team, pushing the narrative forward as far as our post crises Huntress is concerned.

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  1. So kind of you to mention me, Ashford, but honestly, I DO view you all as the "final word" on Huntress. I'm just chiming in from the back pew. "Amen!"

    You all covered the story amply, and I have nothing to add. It was intense, rough, well-done, and unsettling.

    Now a little note on the art: I love Bill Willingham's style. That page with Helena practicing gymnastics is beautiful. But none of you mentioned that Bill did another story that you covered for this podcast: Justice League America #30. Although, I know none of you cared for that issue, so maybe you chose not to bring it up. Foot-in-mouth disease strikes again!

    Excellent show as always, Huntrio!