Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Episode 6: Death Warmed Over

Tim, Sara, and Ashford get the chills about this new villain, who Batman names the Cryonic Man.  Will The Outsiders be able to balanced crime fighting and a brand new start at civilian life?  Write to us at


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  1. Another enjoyable episode and it was nice to have another voice in the mix again.

    So glad you all took time to focus at Batman's entrance to the team meeting. It made me laugh so hard when I read it at almost 50; I'm sure I just thought it was cool at 12 when I read it the first time. Between that and forcing Katana to run a bookstore as Bruce, this was not a good issue for him.

    Something else I probably didn't catch originally was how close Cryonic Man is to Mr. Freeze. Don't think I'd ever heard of Mr. Freeze at that point.

    Oh, and I loved the comparison you made between Geo-Force and Colossus too.

    Looking forward to #7 and the next episode, as usual.

    1. Sara is a welcome addition, so I'm thrilled you enjoyed hearing her!

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