Sunday, January 3, 2021

Episode 5: Batman and the Outsiders/The New Teen Titans Crossover

Happy New Year to you all.  The Outcasters are ringing in the new year with this epic crossover between Batman & The Outsiders and The New Teen Titans! 

Tim, Ashford, and guest podcaster, Sean, of the Secret Wars and Beyond Podcast, join in on the discussion.  Let us know what you think of this joint venture.  

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  1. Congratulations on another great episode, Tim and Ashford, and it was lovely to have Sean around to add extra spice to the mix.

    I remember when this crossover appeared, it was the best thing that had happened to the Outsiders, giving them real legitimacy in the superhero community - no longer were they the misfits Batman left the JLA for, they were peers of the New Teen Titans.

    I love the Fearsome Five, especially Shimmer and Mammoth - it’s very weird that after deciding they’re Australian, Marv Wolfman resisted giving them fair dinkum dialogue, or having them related to Digger Harkness... Roy Thomas wouldn’t have held back.

    I’d love to see someone with the right bent, like Gail Simone, give us a Fearsome Five series.

    I’m very curious as to what good old Helga was doing in Oz. Mutating kangaroos?

    Great points about Tara saving the Titans because she hadn’t yet uncovered their secrets for Slade... then again, wasn’t the endgame to kill them? If you can skip the secrets square and advance straight to Death, why not?

    And he may be a sleazebag, but good on Gar for picking up on the clue about Tara’s costume.

    You’re so right about Metamorpho being disturbing as rendered by Pérez and Tanghal, he looks like a zombie mummy, but goodness, the art in Titans is beautiful overall.

    Excellent points too about the warmth of Prince Geo Force, that panel with him in BatO, saying to Tara: ‘Grim? My sister, for him that was elation’, is a gorgeous piece by Jim Aparo.

    And what a tremendously on-point observation about his Starfire being reminiscent of a Frank Thorne babe-barian. These insights are why we tune in!

    1. Martin Gray, thank you for writing in on the website. Good point about if the goal was to kill the tighten, what is the hold up. Did the Terminator need more information, perhaps? And thank you for being kind about the insights.

  2. Really enjoyed the episode! Sean Ross is always a welcome addition to any podcast.

    I was just reading Back Issue #73 (I went on a BI buying spree last year) and Mike W. Barr said the Brion was named for Brian Bolland, which makes the "Bree-own" pronunciation a bit more suspect.

    I really loved the Perez/Aparo cover collaborations and thought Aparo did a really great job with the Titans in the interiors. These were two of my favorite books at the time, so this crossover was everything I could have hoped for back then and still holds up today.

    I enjoyed the splash page copy that was referenced later, the bonding and common ground between the teams, the tension between Bruce and Dick that gets resolved. So much fun.

    I hadn't thought about how close we were to The Judas Contract at that point. Things you don't notice when you're reading month to month, I guess.

    Looking forward to the next episode per usual.

  3. Yes, Sean Ross is an awesome addition to a podcast. He made give the three jokes a second look. Thank you for writing in, Justin. And yes, the covers for the crossover we A-Maze-Ing!