Monday, January 18, 2021

Episode 45: Black Canary Issue 10

Diane, Laurel, and Ashford talk Huntress taking on Human Trafficking.

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  1. I guess this issue is the first Helena Bertinelli-Dick Grayson team-up. I completely agree that Huntress' Bat-envy is silly and tired, and gets in the way of the story. The Huntress/Nightwing scenes would have been just as good or better without any mention of Batman.

    Then there's the question: putting the writer/editorial forcing Huntress into the Bat-family when they shouldn't be, why the heck would Helena even contact Nightwing for help at all? Honestly, it follows the same logic or quote-logic-unquote of Huntress contacting Black Canary: because superheroes. So I can go either negative since it doesn't make sense, or be positive and accept it as an excuse to play with these action figures together. It depends on my mood at the moment.

    Woof, this story line is rough. But thanks for the great discussion as always, Hun-trio!