Monday, November 23, 2020

Wright On Network Presents: D-Day for Degaton

Laurel, Diane, and Ashford discuss the final installment of America vs. The Justice Society.  And what a conclusion it is.  Please be so kind to provide us feedback at or on twitter @HuntressPodcast.  We would love to know how we can improve the show and your thoughts about the books we're covering.  

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  1. What is there to say about this issue, really? It's more of the same: JSA history lesson, Golden Age wonkiness, so many words, and I was not very satisfied with the conclusion.

    I can accept the premise "Batman accuses the JSA of being traitors" as over-the-top like the stories being recounted. Except. Roy doesn't get that across in the story. There's no acknowledging that this is truly farcical except for Power Girl's comment, but being phrased in anger makes it seem serious. I just didn't get a "farce" feeling, and if that's the intention, it wasn't handled well for me.

    Robin solving the mystery was ok, but even he didn't figure everything out. Per Degaton monologued to connect several dots for Robin. That showed that Batman's plan to catch Degaton had a lot of gaps, and really strains belief to even call a "plan".

    And for me, it didn't really "clear" the JSA of the charges. The testimonies given is not "proof", and no evidence has come up discounting Batman's journal. It was more like "Wow, those are incredible stories. I guess we won't worry about the whole Nazi thing." Yes, Degaton had some record to show The Wizard testimony was false, but nothing disproved Batman's journal.

    That's very disappointing to me, because the Nazi accusation is a *horrible* thing, and the journal was very carefully constructed to just be "his word against ours." I really wanted more of a slam-dunk clearing of the team's reputation. But it feels like there was no real plan for doing that. Saying "Batman wrote this solely to help catch Degaton" is complete conjecture, and doesn't disprove the journal. I'm still remembering the cover of issue #1, and really wanted iron-clad innocence.

    Ok, sorry for being such a downer. If I stick with the wikipedia mentality, the series was fine. But the story just sticks in my craw.

    But! I'm looking forward to your coverage of Adventure Comics, Hun-trio!