Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Episode 37: Cry of the Huntress 6

We discuss the final chapter of the Cry of the Huntress saga.  Will Robin and the Huntress be able to stop this organize crime outfit from printing false Euros?  Will Robin be able to save the Girl?  We would love to hear your comments about this 6 part mini-series.  Write to us at


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  1. The last issue might have been less rushed if Dixon didn't add King Snake and Lynx to the story. But Dixon really wanted to make that pair into Robin's arch-nemeses since they're his characters. Perhaps he thinks of them as a twisted mirror image of Batman and Robin, but they never become that important on their own, and are just Dixon's pet villains. So no, I don't like them shoehorned into this issue.

    And the wrap up isn't very satisfying. Robin and Huntress don't get to take down KGBeast or the Commissar, and have to let Snake-Lynx go. And the last page with Tim and his dad is also less than satisfying. Everything's resolve just because. Yes, they rescued Ariana and made the counterfeit money useless. But it didn't feel like a win. Sigh.

    Oh and you're correct Laurel, Huntress' V-neck is extremely low-cut here! Poor Helena must be spending lots of money on double-sided tape. But looking to the future, I think Bertinelli's next costume is my favorite of hers.

    I am very excited to read "America vs the Justice Society" for the first time to follow the show! Looking forward to it, and great show as always, Huntrio!