Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Episode 36: Batfamily 19


Batfamily #19  blazes into the story with Helena not only having to figure out who is the arsonist burning a certain section in Gotham, but she is also battling if she is wasting her time, day lighting as a lawyer.  Write to us at


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  1. I really like seeing how great a detective Huntress is, but still capable of rookie mistakes, so she has the skills but not the experience. Plus her life out of the costume is coming along, and I agree, the page in her apartment was amazing!

    I wonder, when it comes to being a lawyer, does Helena suffer from imposter syndrome? She has the schooling and brains for it, but lacks the confidence. And there's good things she can do as a lawyer that she can't as Huntress. But something's holding her back, so I wonder if we'll see this in the future.

    And oh, Roger DeMoron has to go! I mean, "Demarest". I'm sorry, I wrote "DeMoron" by mistake. I can't imagine how that happened. ... "DeMoron."

    Another great show, Huntrio!