Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Episode 35: Cry of the Huntress part 5

The Huntress is guest starring again alongside Tim Drake.  The unlikely duo come together to save the girl, put an end to a criminal network, and to play "can you top this" with the quips going back and forth.  

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  1. What is the "Cry of the Huntress"? Is it how badly they've changed her character? Or how everyone has an attitude about her "methods"? Or that KGBeast got to take her out so unceremoniously? So much to cry about, I don't blame her!

    Seriously, the title could be a play on "Cry of the Hunters", chapter 12 from Lord of the Flies. Or "Cry of the Hunted", a movie about a escaped con chased by a prison guard. (Don't worry, I just googled them. I ain't smart.)

    Still loving the art, but I noticed something and can't recall if you have mentioned it. Huntress' cape. 1) It's huge, reaching all the way to the ground. 2) It doesn't rest on her shoulders. It's always flaring upwards. At first, I was seeing it as the cape flowing that way. But it's too consistently arcing up, like she has industrial strength coat hangers holding it there. And now I can't un-see it!

    Ooo, maybe that's why the Huntress is crying! The coat hanger wires are poking her in the back. Ow, that smarts!

    Appreciate the great discussion, Huntrio!